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Addison County Transit Resources

We’re here for you

October 20, 2015

ACTR dispatchers help Shuttle Bus System riders reach their destinations by providing schedule information and facilitating deviations and transfers. Additionally, dispatchers arrange approximately 50,000 annual trips on ACTR’s complementary Dial-A-Ride System. They take ride requests from clients who are elderly, disabled or Medicaid eligible and match them with their best transportation option on a lift-equipped ACTR bus or in a volunteer driver’s car.

Marcia Brown retired from Dispatch in December 2014 after 16 years of service. “Miss Marcia” was a favorite with regular riders for her warmth and memory for personal details. She put it best when she said, “Matching rides can be tricky as everyone’s needs vary, but it is also very rewarding to know I’ve helped someone get to their doctor’s appointment or dialysis appointment or wherever they have to go.”  Over the years Marcia has helped thousands of people access critical care, nutrition, social contact, training and employment. Thank you Marcia, enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Stephen Hart recently wrote to thank ACTR for helping his mother, Irene, age in the home she had loved and shared with her husband for four decades..

“As a family practice physician near San Francisco, many of my senior and wheel-chair bound patients use similar transportation locally; but it is nowhere near as well run as is your outfit. I hear many more complaints than comments like my mother’s about ACTR…she spoke warmly of several drivers and dispatchers and I am grateful to you all. Keep up the good works!”