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Tri-Valley Transit

$mart Commute

Go! Addison County


Gas prices are not coming down and our dependence on fossil fuels is a real problem. That is why you need a $mart Commute.

Join other local businesses including Vermont Community Foundation, National Bank of Middlebury and Middlebury College and put money back in your pocket with a $mart Commute. The $mart Commute program of the Go Addison County Transportation Management Association creates another fringe benefit to help Addison County businesses attract and retain employees. Commuters curb their carbon, one ride at a time.

The program includes: meetings with management teams to consider the best ways to connect with staff; some form of full staff survey to find out how far people commute, what their schedules are and what it would take for people to consider getting out of their single occupancy vehicle (SOV); and finally, an action plan packed with incentives and creative options to support new ways of commuting based on what the surveys say. These options can include:

  • Sharing the ride (vanpools are subsidized by the State of Vermont; and GoVermont has an extensive database for carpool matching)
  • Using community transportation (bus passes can be offered as an employee benefit; universal access pass programs can be created)
  • Biking or walking (think of the health benefits!)
  • Charging infrastructures for electric vehicles (the air feels cleaner already!)
  • Carsharing programs
  • and, more!


Contact us to learn more.