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Tri-Valley Transit

Rider Guide

Using the Schedules

Here are some tips on reading our bus schedules.

Don’t hesitate to ask a driver for additional assistance. They are there to help!

Bus Stops

Be VISIBLE at bus stops so the bus driver can see you waiting. Wave at the driver to ensure being noticed and keep yourself safe. Buses will pick-up or drop-off passengers at all locations with TVT bus stop signs.  Passengers may also request other pick-ups or drop-offs, or may wave the bus down at any safe location along the route.  Drivers will not stop if unsafe.

Deviations & Request Only Bus Stops (R)

Some TVT bus stops are listed as “R” or Request Only – either all of the time or during some parts of the day.

Request Only stops follow the pick-up or drop-off procedures below, stopping at the nearest safe location.

TVT buses also deviate up to ½ mile (¼ mile for Rutland Connector and the Saturday Burlington LINK) from the published routes to pick up or drop off passengers.

If the request for Deviation or Request Only pick-ups or drop-offs cannot be accommodated at the desired schedule time, per Federal Law, TVT will provide the service up to 1 hour before or after the requested time.

There are no deviations on the GMT 116 Commuter or the Monday – Friday Burlington LINK routes.

To request a DROP OFF

Upon boarding, please let your driver know you would like a Deviation or a Request Only drop off. The driver will let you know if this can be accommodated right away or on the next loop. All attempts to accommodate requests will be made.

To request a PICK UP

We ask that all Pick Ups, whether a Deviation or Request Only Bus Stop, be made by calling the office at least one business day (24 hours) in advance, or on Fridays for a Monday Pick Up. However, we will always attempt to fill requests that are made with less notice. Our staff will take the information,  review the bus schedule and determine if the Pick Up can be accommodated. TVT dispatch staff is available by phone between 7 am and 6 pm Monday-Friday.


See Bus Route Fares for detailed information on transfers to or from each route. Please confirm with driver when boarding if you need to transfer to another bus or route.

There are transfer passes available from a TVT driver on the 116 Commuter and the Saturday LINK to local GMT routes in Burlington; otherwise fares are collected for each route.

  • There is one exception. Tri-Town Shuttle: Passengers traveling between Bristol and Vergennes by transferring in New Haven pay one fare.

Child Seats

All TVT buses have built-in child seats and seat belts. Ask the driver for assistance if you need to use a child seat. If you bring your own child seat, please be sure it is secured correctly.


Exterior racks hold two bikes. Riders are responsible for loading/unloading their own bikes, securing them for safety and removing items that are loose or block driver’s visibility. Bikes may also be brought in the bus if the bike rack is full and the driver says it is safe to do so.

See here how quick and easy it is to bring your bike on the bus…

Pets and Service Animals

Service animals are allowed on TVT buses.  Pets are also allowed if in a carrier or wearing a muzzle and leash.  All animals must be under control at all times to ride. Other bus systems may not allow non-service animals on-board.  Please check ahead with GMT at 802-864-0211 or MVRTD at 802-773-3244.

Oversized Items

Skateboards, skis and snowboards are welcome on the bus provided they are kept out of the aisles.

Lost and Found

TVT is not responsible for items left on the bus.  Perishable and soiled items will be disposed of for safety reasons.  All other items will be kept in lost and found for 30 days.  Call dispatch to see if your item has been found and how you may claim it.

Where’s my bus?

Figuring out when to catch your next bus has never been easier! TVT has signed up with TRANSIT, a smartphone app that provides upcoming departure times for nearby buses. Transit will help you navigate TVT’s bus system with accurate, real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders…all presented in a clear, bold interface.


  • Plan A to B trips with ease.
  • See exactly where your bus is on the map in real-time.
  • Get push notifications if service disruptions will affect your trip.
  • Launch GO for step-by-step navigation when you’re on an unfamiliar route.
  • Receive departure alarms and stop notifications as well as prompts to pick up the pace in GO.
  • View schedules and route itineraries. Even offline.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use the TRANSIT app…