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Tri-Valley Transit

People of TVT

    Bus Drivers

  • Bonnie S.

  • Carl R.

  • Craig B.

  • Dave B.

  • George E.

  • Kirk C.

  • Norm B.

  • Maggie S.

  • Ralph J.

  • Robin C

  • Roger C.

  • Scott B.

  • Robert L.

  • Bud M.

    Volunteer Drivers

  • Dave A.

  • Kathleen A.

  • Sarah K.

  • Chris S.

  • Caroline D.

  • Nicholas C.

  • Monica S.

  • Tom M.

  • Patricia H.

  • Eric H.

  • Sheila S

  • Clement B.

  • Corie D.

  • Darlene S.

  • David B.

  • David B.

  • David W.

  • Dorothy M.

  • Edgar W.

  • Elizabeth O.

  • Emma B.

  • Judith C.

  • Katina B.

  • Ken T.

  • Lynn F.

  • Maxine K.

  • Michael C.

  • Michael E.

  • Robin L.

  • Sandy T.

  • Scott M.

  • Sheila R.

  • Teja T.

  • Thomas R

    Bus Maintenance Technicians

  • Lucian P.

  • John M.


  • Julie A.

  • Amy B.

    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Leigh G.

  • Courtney J.

  • Angela M.

    Asst. Finance Manager Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.
  • Chris M.

    Trainer, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.
  • Hilary M.

  • Chris S.

    Field Supervisor
  • Kirstie T.

    HR/Finance Assistant


  • Jim Moulton

    Executive Director, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Executive Director of ACTR since January 2002 and Stagecoach since 2014.

    Board Chair of the Vermont Public Transportation Association from 2003-2017

    Vermont’s Representative on the Advisory Board of Community Transportation Association of America

  • Shari Lutton

    Executive Assistant, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Special projects


  • Gina Tindall

    Finance/Human Resources Director, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Finance and Accounting
    Employee recruitment, selection & training
    Compliance with employment and labor laws



  • Mary-Claire Crogan

    Community Relations Manager, Addison Office

    Community outreach
    Media relations



  • Bill Cunningham

    Regional Director, Addison Office

    Oversees Programs and Operations
    Title VI Compliance Manager
    Safety Manager
    Property Manager

  • Stephanie Stearns

    Program Manager, Addison Office

    Oversees Dial-A-Ride System and coordination of the Senior Meals Program

    Manages Dispatchers, Program Support Administrator and Volunteer Drivers


  • Steve Suter

    Operations Manager, Addison Office

    Schedules all fixed route and paratransit trips

    Manages Bus Drivers, Bus Maintenance Technicians and Field Supervisor

    Board of Directors

  • Renny Perry


    Former Mayor of Vergennes.  Vice-President of Vergennes Partnership

  • Tom Burgos


    Retired AVP-Business Risk Services for National Life Group

  • Gale Hurd


    Community activist who worked with Addison County State’s Attorney to advocate for victims of crime.

  • Tim Crowley

    Instructor at Norwich University.  Retired principal of Barre Town School.

  • Naomi Drummond

    Reading mentor for children.  Retired teacher.

  • Margaret Gladstone

    Dairy farming with her family and breeding quality Morgan horses

  • Paul Kendall

    Retired from careers in government, banking and real estate management.

  • Adam Lougee

    Executive Director of the Addison County Regional Planning Commission.