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Addison County Transit Resources

People of ACTR

    Bus Drivers

  • Bonnie S.

  • Carl R.

  • Craig B.

  • Dave B.

  • George E.

  • Neale S.

  • Kirk C.

  • Larry O.

  • Norm B.

  • Maggie S.

  • Ralph J.

  • Robin C

  • Roger C.

  • Scott B.

    Volunteer Drivers

  • Amber K.

  • Barb S.

  • Barry M.

  • Bert S.

  • Caroline D.

  • Christy B.

  • Clement B.

  • Corie D.

  • Darlene S.

  • Darrel D.

  • David B.

  • David B.

  • David W.

  • Deb B.

  • Elizabeth O.

  • Hazel G.

  • Joe R.

  • Judith C.

  • Ken T.

  • Leon A.

  • Lynn F.

  • Marilyn S.

  • Maxine K.

  • Michael E.

  • Paul B.

  • Reggie L.

  • Robert H.

  • Robin L.

  • Sandy T.

  • Sheila R.

  • Teja T.

  • Wally K.

  • Wilma H.

    Bus Maintenance Technicians

  • Cory D.

  • Lucian P.


  • Amy B.

  • Angela M.

    Asst. Finance Manager Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.
  • Chris S.

    Field Supervisor
  • Chris M.

    Trainer, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.
  • Julie A.

  • Kirstie T.

    HR/Finance Assistant
  • Linda S.

  • Pam S.

    Volunteer Coordinator
  • Tanya F.

    Staff Accountant, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.


  • Jim Moulton

    Executive Director, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Executive Director of ACTR since January 2002 and Stagecoach since 2014.

    Board Chair of the Vermont Public Transportation Association from 2003-2017

    Vermont’s Representative on the Advisory Board of Community Transportation Association of America

  • Shari Lutton

    Executive Assistant, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Special projects


  • Gina Tindall

    Finance/Human Resources Director, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Finance and Accounting

    Attraction, selection, training and assessment of employees.

    Ensures compliance with employment and labor laws.



  • Mary-Claire Crogan

    Community Relations Manager, ACTR

    Community outreach




    Media relations



  • Bill Cunningham

    Regional Director, ACTR

    Oversees Programs and Operations

    Title VI Compliance

    Safety training and compliance

    Property management

  • Stephanie Stearns

    Program Manager, ACTR

    Oversees Dial-A-Ride System and coordination of the Meals-On-Wheels Program

    Manages Dispatchers, Program Support Administrator and Volunteer Drivers


  • Jim Tomaino

    Operations Manager, ACTR

    Schedules all fixed route and paratransit trips

    Oversees bus maintenance, bus driver hiring and bus driver evaluation 

    Manages Bus Drivers, Bus Maintenance Technicians and Field Supervisor

    Board of Directors

  • Paul Kendall


    Board Member, Gifford Hospital; Land Protection Committee for Green Mountain Club; Offender Review Board for Orange County Court Diversion

  • Adam Lougee


    Executive Director of the Addison County Regional Planning Commission.

  • Tom Burgos


    AVT-Business Risk Assessment for National Life Group

  • Gale Hurd


    Gale is a community activist who worked in the Addison County State’s Attorney’s office as an advocate for victims of crime.

  • Laura Asermily

    Laura is a Middlebury Select Board Member, and is actively involved with Middlebury Bike-Ped Coalition, Middlebury Safe Routes to School and the Addison County Walk-Bike Council.

  • Brad Atwood

    Partner in the lawfirm Hughes, Smith, Hughes, Atwood and Mullally PLLC. Board of Trustees, The Sharon Academy

  • Tim Crowley

    Retired principal of the Barre Town School.

  • Naomi Drummond

    Retired teacher and intake coordinator at Vermont Adult Learning, frequent transit rider.

  • Renny Perry

    Acting Mayor of Vergennes, President of the Vergennes Partnership.

  • Bobette Scribner

    Executive Director for the Bradford Community Development Corporation.