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Tri-Valley Transit

General Bus Info

Using the Bus System Is Easy!

TVT intends to provide public transportation that is as user friendly as possible. Our first priority is your safety and comfort.

Code of Conduct

To ensure everyone has a safe and comfortable journey, the following must be observed while riding with TVT:

  1. For your safety and good health, smoking and vaping is prohibited on all TVT buses and within 25 feet of an TVT Bus Stop or Bus Stop Shelter.
  2. Passengers are required to pay the proper fare for all TVT transportation.
  3. Please stay seated, keep aisle clear and do not disturb other passengers.
  4. Seats in front of the bus are reserved for elders, passengers with disabilities and those needing child seats.
  5. Use headphones when listening to personal music devices.
  6. Keep all food and beverages in closed containers. Please use the trash bin in the front of the bus.
  7. For safety and sanitary reasons, all passengers are required to wear shoes and shirts, and limit odors that disturb other passengers.
  8. Articles which, because of their size or the nature of their contents, may be dangerous to passengers shall not be allowed on ACTR buses. These include, but are not necessarily limited to: Car batteries, gasoline, kerosene or any other flammable liquid, weapons, including but not limited to guns or knives, illegal drugs and open containers of alcohol.
  9. Offensive language including, but not limited to, racial slurs or derogatory remarks based on race, gender or sexual orientation is prohibited on TVT vehicles.
  10. For safety reasons, passengers may not remain on board during refueling.
  11. The TVT bus driver has the right to refuse service to those who do not comply with the TVT Code of Conduct.


All ACTR buses are equipped with bike racks. Each rack can accommodate two bicycles. Bicycles may also be brought in the bus if necessary and space is available. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading their own bicycles, and they must be strapped down for safety.

Child Seats

All ACTR buses have built-in child seats and seatbelts at every seat. Ask the driver for assistance if you need to use a child seat. If you bring your own child seat, please be sure it is secured correctly.

Pets and Service Animals

Service animals and other animals contained in pet carriers or with a muzzle and leash are allowed on ACTR buses. Other bus systems may not allow non-service animals on-board. Please check with GMT at 802-864-0211 or MVRTD at 802-773-3244 if you plan to connect with their systems.

Skateboards, Skis, Snowboards

All of these are welcome on the bus provided they are kept out of the aisles.

Lost and Found

ACTR is not responsible for items left on the bus. However, items found on the bus will be brought to the office and kept in our lost and found for 30 days. You may pick up a lost item at the ACTR offices at 297 Creek Road after 8:30 am and before 4:30 pm Monday – Friday. Call 802-388-ACTR(2287) to be sure your item(s) have been found.