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Tri-Valley Transit

Expanded 116 service begins June 13

June 9, 2016

The 116 Commuter conveniently connects Hinesburg to Middlebury and Burlington. Beginning June 13, 2016 through February 2017, the 116 Commuter will begin a pilot program offering expanded service in Hinesburg to Hillview Terrace, Buck Hill Road East, and Hayden Hill Road West communities. Service operates Monday through Friday. The new stops are served by the GMT (formerly known as CCTA) bus only, but both ACTR and GMT will honor “Try It” passes at any stop along the route.

Please note the bus stop signs locations: Hillview Terrace@Birchwood Drive, at the triangle of Richmond Road@North Road, and Buck Hill Road East@Hayden Road Hill West.

Morning routing on the GMT bus only: 

  • Hillview Terrace at approximately 7:20a (via Mechanicsville Road)
  • Triangle of Richmond Road@North Road at approximately 7:25a,
  • Buck Hill Road East several minutes later (via North Road)

Evening routing on the GMT bus only:

  • Hayden Hill West at approximately 5:50p (via North Road)
  • Triangle of Richmond Road@North Road
  • Birchwood  Drive

116 Commuter fares are $2 one-way, $20 ten-ride pass and $75 monthly pass.  Continuation of this expansion is contingent on ridership between the months of June 2016 and February 2017.  For additional information on the GMT Hinesburg expansion pilot, check online at