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Tri-Valley Transit

Addison County Community Transportation Center wins Energy Efficiency Award

February 14, 2017

Efficiency Vermont is pleased to honor ACTR and Black River Design Architects with a 2017 Best of the Best Award.  The award recognizes the Addison County Community Transportation Center (CTC) as an outstanding example of energy efficient commercial new construction.  Other Addison County projects were also recognized, including the Middlebury Town Offices.

Efficiency Vermont was created by the Vermont Legislature and the Vermont Public Service Board to help all Vermonters reduce energy costs, strengthen the economy, and protect Vermont’s environment.  The winners of Efficiency Vermont’s Best of the Best Awards were announced during their annual Better Buildings by Design conference.  The awards recognize high achievement by architects, engineers, builders, and contractors using energy efficiency and sustainability practices to construct or renovate Vermont buildings.  Liz Gamache, Director of Efficiency Vermont, congratulated the winners, “Each of these projects exemplifies the important integration of innovative energy efficient practices with durability, artistry, and practicality.”

The CTC, which opened in 2013, embodies ACTR’s commitment to sustainability and financial stewardship.  Its 2015 solar array installation was preceded by numerous other sustainable design features which minimize the CTC’s energy consumption and earned ACTR an Innovative Green Transit Initiative Award from the Federal Transit Administration in 2013: insulated walls  50% greater than code to minimize heat loss; a wood-pellet furnace system to maximize BTU generation and minimize carbon emissions; radiant heat in the floors to minimize energy use; extra glass elements to maximize natural light and minimize electric consumption; state of the art LED lighting with sensors and timers to reduce electric consumption; high-efficiency windows; a rainwater and snow-melt collection system to reduce municipal water usage; water-efficient plumbing fixtures; low VOC materials; and use of native plants in landscaping.

ACTR’s Executive Director, Jim Moulton looks ahead to future CTC efficiencies, “Next we are planning a covered parking area that will protect our buses from the elements, lengthening their useful lives and reducing capital costs.  It will also allow us to add solar capacity and make the entire CTC “net zero”.

ACTR enhances the economic, social and environmental health of the region by providing community transportation services that are safe, reliable, accessible and affordable for everyone. To learn more about ACTR’s bus and Dial-A-Ride services, explore or call 388-2287.