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Tri-Valley Transit

TVT = Healthy Community

Growth, Trends, the Future…

TVT’s award-winning service contributes to a healthy community by
* Improving physical health and quality of life
* Slowing climate change, improving air quality and preserving open spaces
* Putting $$ back in the pockets of individuals and businesses
* Linking employees and employers
* Building community

What is ahead?
* Aging population
* Increasing fuel prices
* Climate change
* Economic pressures

Awards and Leadership

2015 United States Community Transportation Manager of the Year

Moulton honored as country's 2015 Community Transportation Manager
Moulton honored as country’s 2015 Community Transportation Manager

ACCOC Community Achievement Award, Sept 2014

Jim Moulton, Chair of VPTA, 2003 to present

Jim Moulton, State Representative for VT to the CTAA State Advisory Committee – 2009 to present

FTA Innovative Green Transit Initiative Award, March, 2013

Jim Moulton, Rural Transit Innovation Presenter at the 20th Bienniel National Rural Public and Intercity Bus Conference, October 2012

Jim Moulton, Transit Facility Funding Presenter & Future of Rural Transit Presenter at the 2012 CTAA Expo

Reconnecting America, May 2012– highlights ACTR as an example of how a small rural transportation provider can address the unique mobility challenges that stem from large geographic distances, an aging population, and limited financial resources.

Putting Transit To Work in Main St America
in appreciation for embracing program outcomes, measurement and reporting

To view the full report…CTA Reconnecting America

United Way Appreciation Award, Spring 2012

For embracing the commitment to measuring and sharing the outcomes of ACTR’s work and using them to address the needs of the Addison County community.

Transportation Research Board, 2011 – recognizes Jim Moulton’s impetus to transform ACTR from a “program with a handful of riders to a dynamic system offering commuter service, regional service, and local fixed routes, depending on the transit needs of the ridership markets that he recognized.”

TCRP synthesis 94
Innovative Rural Transit Services

To view the full report…FTA Transportation Research Board’s Study on Innovative Rural Transit Services

United Way Partner in Community Caring Award, May 2010

For outstanding achievement in supporting solutions to community needs

Governor’s Award for Workplace Safety, May 2010

Chosen as Finalist for Outstanding Workplace Safety

Addison County Job Coalition Certificate of Appreciation, April 2010

In thanks for ACTR’s ongoing support

FTA Ridership Excellence Award, May 2008

In recognition of ACTR’s 8.5% system-wide ridership increase for Fiscal Year 2008 over Fiscal Year 2007 and 85.4% ridership increase since Fiscal Year 2002.

VTrans Certificate of Appreciation, August 2006

In recognition of efforts during the VTrans 2006 FTA Combined Triennial & State Management Review