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Tri-Valley Transit

Being Healthy

October 20, 2018

Larry- “I’d like to thank all the office staff and drivers for their happy helpful voices and much needed elbows when I need help getting to the door.  The drivers not only get me where I need to go, they are also a captive audience for my silly jokes!  This service goes much underappreciated.  Yet those of us who use it are lucky to live where transportation like this is available.  The burden to family and friends is greatly reduced, more job opportunities are available and getting out to do things like an afternoon matinee is much easier.  Keep up the great work!”

*Larry’s bout with swine flu years several ago revealed a leukemia that destroyed his white blood cells and stopped circulation to his right-side brain.  Since then he has been retraining his brain to move the left side of his body and memorizing jokes to keep his mind agile.  He stays fit and accesses local desinations with an adaptive bike.  TVT Dial-a-Rides make trips to the doctor accessible.