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Addison County Transit Resources

Rider Guide

Using the Schedules

Here are some tips on reading our bus schedules.


[A] ROUTE COLORS correspond to route maps

[B] TRANSFER POINT Connection available between ACTR Shuttles, Burlington Link or Rutland Connector

[C] DAYS OF THE WEEK that service is available

[D] STOPS read left to right. ARRIVAL TIMES read top to bottom. Example: Depart stop #1 at 11:30 am to arrive at stop #5 at 11:36 am. Next departure from #1 is 12:00 pm.

[E] ARRIVAL TIME WILL VARY within the interval between fixed stops. These stops are marked with a dot. Please be generous as you estimate time. When in doubt, call us.

[F] IF A BOX IS BLACKED OUT the stop is not available. The bus will not stop.

[G] REQUEST ONLY STOPS, marked with an R, are not routinely served. See the description of Deviations & Request Only Stops in the Rider Guide for details.

Don’t hesitate to ask a driver for additional assistance. They are there to help!

Bus Stops

Be VISIBLE at bus stops so the bus driver can see you waiting. Wave at the driver to ensure being noticed and keep yourself safe. Buses will pick-up or drop-off passengers at all locations with ACTR bus stop signs. All signs are numbered to match up with the map and schedule. Passengers may also request other pick-ups or drop-offs, or may wave the bus down at any safe location along the route. Drivers will not stop if unsafe.

Deviations & Request Only Bus Stops (R)

Some ACTR bus stops are listed as “R” or Request Only – either all of the time or during some parts of the day.

Request Only stops follow the pick-up or drop-off procedures below, stopping at the nearest safe location.

ACTR buses also deviate up to ½ mile (¼ mile for Rutland Connector and the Saturday Burlington LINK) from the published routes to pick up or drop off passengers.

If the request for Deviation or Request Only pick-ups or drop-offs cannot be accommodated at the desired schedule time, per Federal Law, ACTR will provide the service up to 1 hour before or after the requested time.

There are no deviations on the CCTA 116 Commuter or the Monday – Friday Burlington LINK routes.

To request a DROP OFF

Upon boarding, please let your driver know you would like a Deviation or a Request Only drop off. The driver will let you know if this can be accommodated right away or on the next loop. All attempts to accommodate requests will be made.

To request a PICK UP

All Pick Ups – whether a Deviation or Request Only Bus Stop – must be requested by calling ACTR one business day (24 hours) in advance, or on Fridays for a Monday pick up.

Dispatch staff will take the information, review the bus schedule and determine a Pick Up time. Per Federal Law, the ride will be accommodated either up to one hour before or one hour after the requested time. ACTR dispatch staff is available by phone between 7 am and 5 pm Monday – Friday.


See Bus Route Fares for detailed information on transfers to or from each route. Please confirm with driver when boarding if you need to transfer to another bus or route.

There are transfer passes available from an ACTR driver on the 116 Commuter and the Saturday LINK to local CCTA routes in Burlington; otherwise fares are collected for each route.

  • There is one exception. Tri-Town Shuttle: Passengers traveling between Bristol and Vergennes by transferring in New Haven pay one fare.

Child Seats

All ACTR buses have built-in child seats and seat belts at every seat. Ask the driver for assistance if you need to use a child seat. If you bring your own child seat, please be sure it is secured correctly.


All ACTR buses are equipped with bike racks. Each rack can accommodate two bicycles. Bicycles may also be brought in the bus if necessary and space is available. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading their own bicycles, and they must be strapped down for safety.

Pets and Service Animals

Service animals and animals contained in pet carriers or with a muzzle and leash are allowed on ACTR buses. Other bus systems may not allow non-service animals on-board. Please check with CCTA at 802-864-0211 or MVRTD at 802-773-3244 if you plan to connect with their systems.

Oversized Items

Skateboards, skis and snowboards are welcome on the bus provided they are kept out of the aisles.

Lost and Found

ACTR is not responsible for items left on the bus. Items found on the bus will be brought to the office and kept in lost and found for 30 days. You may pick up a lost item at ACTR offices at 297 Creek Road after 8:30 am and before 4:30 pm Monday – Friday. Call first to be sure your item(s) have been found.