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Addison County Transit Resources

Rider Alerts

change to southbound Brandon PO stop

Affected Routes:

Effective Wednesday, April 18th

Due to the Brandon road construction project, the Brandon Post Office southbound stop has been moved to the front of the Brandon Baptist Church on Pearl Street.

No change to the northbound pick up spot.

PM Southbound Schedule

Affected Routes:

There is a misprint in the evening southbound schedule of the ACTR passenger guide brochure.

The Marble Valley bus departs ACTR’s Academy Street hub at 5:30pm, not 5:35pm.  The electronic version of the schedule on this website has been corrected and the typo will be corrected in the next brochure publication.

Burlington construction alert

Affected Routes:

Due to construction in Burlington, the ACTR bus will not be able to access pickups at slot S.  ACTR bus will pick up passengers in slots I, G, E, C or A.

Off Peak Schedule

Affected Routes:

The Off Peak schedule will be in service thru June 7, 2018.