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Addison County Transit Resources

People of ACTR

    Bus Drivers

  • Alex K.

  • Bonnie S.

  • Caitlin P.

  • Carl R.

  • Craig B.

  • Dawn T.

  • George E.

  • Jeff S.

  • Kirk C.

  • Larry O.

  • Maggie S.

  • Norm B.

  • Ralph J.

  • Robin C

  • Scott B.

  • Wayne M.

    Volunteer Drivers

  • Amber K.

  • Art F.

  • Barb S.

  • Barry M.

  • Bert S.

  • Caroline D.

  • Christy B.

  • Clement B.

  • Corie D.

  • Darlene S.

  • Darrel D.

  • David B.

  • David B.

  • David W.

  • Deb B.

  • Elizabeth O.

  • Hazel G.

  • Joe R.

  • Judith C.

  • Ken T.

  • Leon A.

  • Lynn F.

  • Marilyn S.

  • Maxine K.

  • Michael E.

  • Paul B.

  • Reggie L.

  • Robert H.

  • Robin L.

  • Sandy T.

  • Sheila R.

  • Teja T.

  • Wally K.

  • Wilma H.

    Bus Maintenance Technicians

  • Cory D.

  • Heath R.


  • Amy B.

  • Angela M.

    Asst. Finance Manager Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.
  • Chris S.

    Field Supervisor
  • Chris M.

    Trainer, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.
  • Coco

    Morale Officer
  • Julie A.

  • Lois D.

  • Pam S.

    Program Support Administrator
  • Tanya F.

    Staff Accountant, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.
  • Tara K.



  • Jim Moulton

    Executive Director, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Executive Director of ACTR since January 2002 and Stagecoach since 2014.

    Board Chair of the Vermont Public Transportation Association from 2003-2017

    Vermont’s Representative on the Advisory Board of Community Transportation Association of America

  • Shari Lutton

    Executive Assistant, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Special projects


  • Gordon Marsh

    Finance Manager, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Financial management and DBE Program Manager

  • Gina Tindall

    Human Resources Director, Tri-Valley Transit, Inc.

    Attraction, selection, training and assessment of employees.

    Ensures compliance with employment and labor laws.

  • Mary-Claire Crogan

    Community Relations Manager, ACTR

    Community outreach | Fundraising | Publications | Media relations

    Partner with Addison County Walk-Bike Advisory Council and Middlebury Safe Routes to School.

    Partner with Go! Vermont to promote statewide travel options


  • Bill Cunningham

    Regional Director, ACTR

    Oversees Programs and Operations

    Title VI Compliance

    Safety training and compliance

    Property management

  • Stephanie Stearns

    Program Manager, ACTR

    Oversees Dial-A-Ride System and coordination of the Meals-On-Wheels Program

    Manages Dispatchers, Program Support Administrator and Volunteer Drivers


  • Jim Tomaino

    Operations Manager, ACTR

    Schedules all fixed route and paratransit trips

    Oversees bus maintenance, bus driver hiring and bus driver evaluation 

    Manages Bus Drivers, Bus Maintenance Technicians and Field Supervisor

    Board of Directors

  • Adam Lougee


    Adam is the Executive Director of the Addison County Regional Planning Commission. He has been a member of the Board of Directors since July 2000. Adam served as Chair of the Board from September 2001 through September 2006, and resumed the position in January 2015.

  • Naomi Drummond

    Secretary, Bristol Representative

    Naomi is a former teacher and intake coordinator at Vermont Adult Learning. As a long-time user of the ACTR transportation system she is a representative of ACTR’s riders. Naomi has been a member of the Board of Directors since September 2004, representing Bristol. She is currently Secretary of the Board, having served in that role since September 2006.

  • Doug Adams


    Doug is Associate Dean of Students and Director of the Center for Campus Activities and Leadership at Middlebury College. He lives in Middlebury with his wife Claire and son James. Doug has been a member of the Board of Directors since September 2009.

  • Laura Asermily

    Middlebury Representative

    Laura is a Middlebury Select Board Member, and is actively involved with Middlebury Bike-Ped Coalition, Middlebury Safe Routes to School and the Addison County Walk-Bike Council.

  • Ed McGuire

    New Haven Representative

    Ed is a resident of New Haven, a retired Mount Abraham Middle School math teacher, a retired United States Coast Guard officer, and a civil/mechanical engineer. Ed has been a member of the Board of Directors since October 2012.

  • Diane Lanpher

    Vergennes Representative

    Diane is a Representative to the Vermont Legislature for the Vergennes/Ferrisburgh/Addison region, having been elected in November 2008. She is on the House Transportation Committee. She is also a former Vergennes City Council member and works as a representative of Horace Mann Insurance. Diane has been a member of the Board of Directors since September 2008.

  • Gale Hurd

    Weybridge Representative

    Gale is a community activist who worked in the Addison County State’s Attorney’s office as an advocate for crime victims. She was president of the Vermont School Boards Association and served for 13 years on the Weybridge Selectboard. Gale is currently on the Weybridge Planning Commission; assistant treasurer of the Weybridge Congregational Church; a board member and volunteer for the Open Door Clinic; a board member for EastView at Middlebury and works on props for the Opera Company of Middlebury and the Middlebury Community Players. Gale’s son, Ethan Fenn, is a lawyer, a hockey goalie, and a future math teacher. Gale has been a member of ACTR’s board since January 2015.

  • Renny Perry

    At-Large Representative

    Renny has been a member of the board since November 2014. He has a Masters Degree in Public Administration and has over 20 years experience in that field. Renny is an Alderman on the Vergennes City Council and President of the Vergennes Partnership. Previously he chaired the Vergennes Police Station Committee and served as Vergennes City Manager.

  • Ann Jones-Weinstock

    At-Large Representative

    Ann is the Director of Development for Graduate and Special Programs at Middlebury College and a long-time advocate for community transportation. In her former role as Director of Community Initiatives at Vermont manufacturer Renewable NRG Systems, she was part of a collaboration with the ACTR, CCTA, the Town of Hinesburg, and local volunteers and businesses to secure Route 116 commuter bus service. Ann has been a member of the Board of Directors since April 2011.