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Addison County Transit Resources

Change for System Hub in Middlebury

November 17, 2017

ACTR’s temporary System Hub is currently located on South Pleasant Street, near the intersection of Cross Street.

As of Friday, December 1st, ACTR’s temporary System Hub will move to Academy Street and new schedules go into effect.

Preview new 2017/18 Bus Schedule Brochure here

What’s new in the 2017/18 Bus Schedule Brochure:

Middlebury Shuttles

  • Shorter names for crosstown loops
  • New service for Post Office, Porter Express Care, Gorham Lane and Creek Road
  • Marble Works loop ends at Post Office (instead of Hub) and progresses directly to Shaw’s loop
  • Removed Rte 7 South stop from Dunkin Donuts/Evergreen to keep routing within 1/2 hour

Tri-Town Shuttles

  • More remote hub location pushes route times to 1 hr, 10 minutes.
  • New stops for TT-Bristol and TT-Vergennes at Middlebury Post Office

Snow Bowl Shuttles

  • Modified Off-Peak schedules to match rider usage

Saturday LINK

  • Ending service day at 7:15pm to match rider usage